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"May 1974--After working for more than a year, George completed the first draft screenplay to The Star Wars. The story introduced the Jedi Bendu, who were the chief architects of the invincible Imperial Space Force and personal bodyguards of the Emperor, and pitted them against the evil Knights of the Sith, a sinister warrior sect. The hero Annikin Starkiller, eighteen, his younger brother Deak, and their father Kane - the last of the Jedi Bendu - have been hiding out on the desert planet of Utapau for many years. When Deak is killed by a seven-foot tall black knight, who comes looking for them, Kane decides that it's time to end their exile.

Meanwhile, on the cloud city of Alderaan, the Emperor Cos Dashit launches a final assault on the last of the independent systems with secret orders to destroy the last of the Jedi on Aquilae. Luke Skywalker , an aging general in his sixties and former Jedi master, tries to mount an adequate defense against the assault; but the leaders of Aguilae decide to settle for peace when an armored battle station, the size of a moon, approaches. (The small "devil fighters" are no match against the fortress.) Skywalker suspects a trap, and urges the Imperial family (with their fourteen year-old daughter Leia) to hide. When Kane and his son Annikin arrive, Luke enlists the aide of the young Starkiller (who wants to learn the ways of the Jedi from the old master) to escort the princess and her family to safety. (The King is eventually killed, and the Queen demands that Leia and her two brothers, Biggs and Windy, be taken to Ophuchi.)

During the one-sided battle, two construction robots (Artwoo Detwo and See-ThreePio?) on the battlestation complain about the laserblasts (striking nearby their location) and are ejected to safety in a space pod. They crasuand in the Jundland wastes of Aquilae, and stumble across the royal party. The robots join forces with Annikin, Luke and Leia, and the others and travel to the space port at Anchorhead.

The invasion force, led by General Darth Vader and Prince Valorum (a black knight of the Sith), enter the capitol city of Aquilae, and discover that all have fled to safety. Valorum is angered, and demands that Vader produce both the royal family and the last Jedi-Bendu. Determined to find them before they can escape the planet, Imperial troops are dispatched to all the major space ports, including the one at Anchorhead. At the same time, Luke has managed to contact Han Solo, a huge green-skinned smuggler who might have a space ship fast enough to get through the Imperial bockade." - THE ORIGINS OF STAR WARS: EVOLUTION OF A SPACE SAGA

"Lucas" sounds like "Luke S."

Georgo Lucas's high school yearbook shows a brawny-looking invididual by the name of Gary Vader.

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